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The DREAM-HOME Real Estate based in Ampelokipi Thessaloniki engaged in sales and rental housing in all Western Districts of Thessaloniki. With extensive experience in sales and rental property offer our customers the perfect and most specialized
information on buying any type of property. We work for better serve you with experienced lawyers, notaries, Civil Engineers, Surveyors and with banks to issue Loans. Call us 2310729-731 - 2310729579 for any
information or clarification.

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Thessaloniki - Suburbs
Apartments (33) (9)
Studios (2)
Maisonettes (3)
Land Plots (1)
Offices (1) (1)
Stores (3) (7)
Industrial spaces (1)
Craft spaces (1)
Thessaloniki - Municipality
Apartments (9) (6)
Offices (2)
Stores (2)
Warehouses (3) (2)
Craft spaces (1)
Businesses (1)
Maisonettes (1) (1)
Parcels (1)
Kilkis Prefecture
Apartments (1)